Unicorn makeup is one of the most multidimensional magic. It is basically a magical iridescent explosion of great happiness. Unicorn makeup is one of the trendiest makeups of these days. Unicorn makeup is considered to be the trend of fun all over the world right now.

The word unicorn means that “one single horn”. Basically, the look of a unicorn is same as a ponytail that most often girls do. So similarly, the unicorn has one long pony in it and unicorn also contains a white horn which is placed at his head. Looking at the derivation of the word unicorn; the unicorn has been derived from two Latin words i-e ‘unus’ means ‘one’ and ‘cornu’ which means as a ‘horn’.

What if we look at the association, so the unicorns are strongly associated with the feminine because of the reason that they look traditionally by doing unicorn makeup and this appeared same like the symbol of the chastity and with great divine power.  Proceeding towards the colors of unicorns, unicorns are available in the variety of colors like unicorns are white and silver. Some of the unicorns are also available in black and green colors which are too trendy and divine to use.

If you are in search of3 tips for unicorn makeup then you are exactly in the right place. In this article, you will briefly study the 3 tips for unicorn makeup. So keep reading till the end.


Tips for Unicorn Makeup:

Here I am going to list down some tips by which you can easily do unicorn makeup in an effective and efficient way:

Smear Unicorn Poop across Forehead (EASY)

This tip is really easy to apply. It is one of the most magical unicorns that anybody can do in a short period of time.  You have to simply buy a sparkly unicorn and will have to apply upon your forehead. You will apply in a way like first you will apply it across the forehead and then it will start curving down towards your cheeks in a large shape of M.

Go for the Unicorn Eyes (INTERMEDIATE)

You can also do simple unicorn eye makeup which will simply make you look trendy. The unicorn makeup, when applied on eyes, makes you look really elegant and smart. Make sure that the colors that you apply for an intermediate unicorn eye makeup must be dark enough.

Instagram worthy Eyes & Cheeks (PRO)

You usually apply this type of makeup when you are really very adventures and you are not in a mood of bragging so you would like to use this type of unicorn makeup. This unicorn makeup is just a mystical feast which will let everyone say wow when will look at you.

If you wish to learn such type of makeup, you can go to YouTube where the number of artists can educate you that how you can apply this type of unicorn makeup exclusively over yourself in a great way.

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