Summer Home Maintenance Checklist for 2020

Summer is the best time for you to work on your home maintenance. The days are long and you are also wearing light clothes, unlike winters. This is a perfect time for you to carry yourself with ease and since that is the case, you can make the best use out of it. 

Certain items in our home require good maintenance every once in a while because with those items, our overall security is attached. 

There are critical tasks that should be covered before summer gets over to ensure our safety. 

We make this checklist of the items that require gradual service or maintenance. This maintenance is associated with the items that alarm you for important reasons, preparation of your pool, garage doors, exterior design and overall security. 

Take a look.

Check Your Alarms

It is a good idea to replace the batteries of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Test such alarms and make sure they work in order. Checking your alarms annually is a good idea and doing it in a mid-year such as Summer is a great time.

This way you will not have to worry about an alarm beeping in unwanted timings such as a night time-to alert you about a dead battery. It is better you take required measures to avoid such unwanted beeping beforehand.

Prepare Your Pool

In summer, pool in your house provides you a countless hours of entertainment. It also provides a sigh of relief in summer heat. However, pools are also a source of alarming hazards. Every year, a hundreds of lives is lost of children aged from 6 to 7. These are heart-wrenching deaths because the fact that these are preventable deaths, break your heart even more.

So in the mid of summer or before, when you know it is time for you to disclose the access of your pool for your children, install a pool safety fence. These pool safety fences prevent your children from accessing the pool without your supervision. 

Recheck Security

If recently you went for the renovation of your house, it is good option if you consider about relocating the security cameras or add new ones to protect your home. In Spring, thieves are mostly likely to sneak into your residences and damage you, so to keep a good check & balance of the overall security of your house, add some cameras. 

Also, the fact that-summer is a good time for families to go for vacation-setting up cameras before summer starts helps you feel satisfied and comfortable during your traveling.  

Go for Garage Maintenance

Assets like car or motorbikes are crucial part of your daily routine that make your overall routine both productive and effective. Although we all know important garages are to keep our vehicles safe and security, yet we often forget its value.

Garage doors require proper maintenance to ensure you good security. 

In case you wonder how much it will cost you to go for an entire garage maintenance service, understand that in summers, garage door companies in Oregon are reputed highly in respect to offering affordable garage door repair services. Overhead garage doors, Portland, Oregon are Northwest’s best garage door services providing companies. 

Fix the Exterior

Focus on the exterior and fix it in summer. Summer has to be the most optimal time for either repairing or replacing your existing siding, windows or roof. You may need to power wash these certain sections of your exterior to wipe off debris once and for all.

This bulky weight of grime or debris attached to the roof or siding can damage the exterior so it is better you finally get rid of it too, in the Summer-time when you are thinking about other maintenance services of the house


It is good if you get started with home maintenance as soon as the summer starts. This will help make your winters clean and enjoyable and in December, you will realize how hard it would have been to do all those maintenance that you did during winters. Seeing your house in a good working order, rejoicing the warm blankets with full comfort in your home would make you feel thankful to God that he blessed you with a thought of revamping your residence during the summers itself.   

Bulky large clothes can never allow you to feel comfortable about making hard efforts, even if they are for the sake of your own security. 

The list of advises provided to you can turn out to be very effective for you if you follow them in a wise way, just as how they are mentioned. We did not go a complex way but mentioned the basic advises to help you receive fruitful results with less inputs provided.  

In an era like this where everything is so fast paced, no one bets an eye on a bunch of complex suggestions that are hard to be followed. Thus we went the other way and came up with ones that are easy to be attempted.

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