Saving Water In Our Daily Day To Day Life

Close to 70 % of the surface of the earth is engrossed with water but out of that only 1 % is available to us. Water is such a scare resource to as people end up fighting with water shortage and droughts to use it in an efficient manner have become an absolute necessity. Be it your house has sufficient amount of water you need to conserve water in a proper way so that it does become a responsibility for the future generations. Once you are able to reduce the intake of water you also contribute to reduction of electricity in a direct or indirect manner.

With water being such a valuable resource in our life, to save water and to reduce wastage of it seems to be a sought out task. Just you need to follow a series of mechanisms in order to save water. Let us figure out the basic tips that would enable you to save water. Be it any of your day to day activities there is a mechanism involved by which you can save water.

How to save water in the bathroom

  • Fixing up the leaks- Unknown leaks in the taps, toilets or pipes can result in tonnes of water being wasted. Just check out the bath fittings for any leakage and do repair the leaks as soon as possible. This is not only going to help you save wastage of water but also help you conserve walls and fittings
  • When brushing your teeth or shaving shut down the source of water supply- for every single minute an average faucet wastes 10 litres of water. No need to leave the tap on when you are shaving or brushing your teeth. Just turn it on when you are about to rinse it.
  • When washing your hands turn off the supply of water- When you are scrubbing your hands do not leave the tap water on. Wet your hands and only turn it on when you are looking to rinse your hands.
  • Less flush- the older flush end up using water 4 to 5 times more water than the standard ones. So the message is loud and clear which is to convert the old flush into a new dashboard one.
  • Shorter duration bath- do not spent a lot of time in the shower as your bath sessions need to be shorter. This is not only going to help you save water, but necessary time to enjoy other things would be provided.

How to save water in the kitchen

  • While washing the dishes with hand- when you are washing the dishes with hand you should not leave the tap water on. You can fill up the sink with water or a bucket of water in order to rinse the dishes. This is going to minimize the use of water as it is not going to be on the same time when you are scrubbing the dishes.
  • Washing with dishwasher- when it is the case of a dishwasher you need to load it to full capacity. This is going to prevent multiple cycles of running and saves a lot of water
  • Frozen food deforested in the refrigerator- instead of cooking frozen vegetables or food items you can apply the deforest option in your fridge and do not soak them in water. If you are planning to do the option of deforest it is going to take some time
  • Cleaning of fruits and vegetables in a pan- when you are planning to clean fruits and vegetables put them in a pan and do not let the faucet on. This is not only going to save a lot of water, but the water obtained can be used to water your plants.

How to save water when you are washing your clothes

  • Replacement of your old efficient washing machine with a new washing machine- the old style top loading washing machines end up using a lot of water. This can be reduced by 50 % once you go on to use new energy efficient machines. The front loading machines end up using a lot less water or even electricity as compared to the top loading ones
  • No point in running empty washing machines there is any point to run empty washing machines with just a couple of shirts as you need a full laundry of items. When you are washing your clothes opt for the economy mode as this would save your time and money
  • Wash less frequently- certain items like blankets or sweaters need less washing and you do not need to wash them regularly. This is also going to prevent constant wear and tear and in the process end up saving water

How to save water outdoors

  • Installation of a water meter- by a water meter not only you will be able to figure out the exact amount of water you use, but also prevent the wastage of water. Even without measuring the amount of water you use, how can you be aware that you are wasting the water? The moment you install a water meter you will be surprised to find out the amount of water you end up saving. With the help of a meter you can detect leaks. Just take the reading, and after a couple of hours take the reading all over again. If there ceases to be any difference in the water meter then the obvious signs are that water is leaking
  • Stopping overflow- nearly most of the commercial establishments and homes have overhead tanks for water storage. It is a common sight to come across the overflow of water tanks in our locality. Just stop the overflow of tanks and save tonnes of water by installation of a float valve.

Pretty much about saving of water, but for household purposes the water you need to use should be fit for human consumption. In this regard you can go on to install an aqua fresh RO system and the customer service number can help you outline any queries.

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