Best Detailed Review Of Netsuzou Trap 2020

Netsuzou Trap

Fans have mixed reviews about Netsuzou Trap adaptation. It has 23 chapters and is published in Comic Yuri Hime. Fans have been reading it since 2014 so when it turn into action, they were overjoyed and had higher expectations. You can find the first two volumes on Amazon that are in English.

What You Will See in Netsuzou Trap

In the anime, you will see that the main characters are well voiced. The director has kept animation up to the mark and the art is beautiful. Take note that the scenes are well adapted as well. So, if you have not read this manga, you can understand quite a lot when watching netsuzou trap. Not only this, but the makers have also done a significant job on the music too.

The Story of Netsuzou Trap

The story of netsuzou trap revolves around different characters. Yuma and Hotaru are two of these characters and are childhood friends. Moreover, Yuma felt nervous when she met this new guy who happened to be her boyfriend. She turned to Hotaru for advice and because of unexpected event things went in opposite direction.

Fans can watch the anime to find whether the friends will ever forget what happened between them and how they will move on. This is a complex story where you will see boyfriends on the foreground but secret admirers in the background. So, what fate has written for Hotaru and Yuma – whether their encounter will lead to a relationship or it will end in betrayal?

Moreover, netsuzou trap has some overwhelming scenes as well that might irritate you. This anime has certain weird characters as well which fans did not appreciate. Among these dislikable characters, there is one guy who gets cheated on. Fans sympathize with him and condemn everyone that is involved in this scenario.

How Their Problems Relate to Your Life

Apart from this, when you watch the yuri you will find whether these characters and their problems appeal or relate to your life in any way or not. Many people find anime interesting and start reading the manga after watching the volume. The character of Yuma is comprehensive but she does terrible stuff throughout the series. It can be seen in the anime that whatever she does is wrong on many levels but she does it anyway.

As the story begins, you will come across confusing situations where you cannot decide what is coming up next. For example, Hotaru is abusive to Yuma which she understands and still has feelings for her. This factor disturbs many viewers whereas some of the fans appreciate this complexity of the characters. Apart from Hotaru, there is another girl – Fujiwara. These two characters are the true example of evil.

Hotaru has been abusive to Yuma throughout the anime which is not acceptable. She continues to misguide Yuma and trap her into the things she does not appreciate but cannot let go Hotaru at the same time. In the anime, they tried to justified unethical acts in which the audience was dismissed. Moreover, the fact is Fujiwara has been abusive to Hotaru is disturbing and not acceptable at all. Not only this, but her abusive terms with Fujiwara also do not give her the right to do the same with Yuma. This story revolves around incidents like these and people have mixed opinions about them. In this scenario, a decent guy with good intentions got betrayed which is the sad part of this anime.

As the anime continues, characters are introduced including pink haired girls. Take note that you may find whatever in the anime is portrayed as ‘normal’ however, the lead characters Hotaru and Yuma consider it bad at a certain point. These girls in the series act like its all normal and something common in friends that bother the audience.

On some point, you may feel that the story is going nowhere. But, it has its flow. Although this anime does not have any background story, it still has something unique to offer. For example, the characters of netsuzou trap are full of manipulation, jealousy, lies, and cheating. These traits in the characters are not always fun to watch but netsuzou trap presents it in an interesting way. None of these girls are shown perfect and the story does not act like it either.

However, whatever you see will start to make sense once the story proceeds. This anime seems to be confusing and complex in the first few episodes but if you like drama, you will not only comprehend it but enjoy it too. Hence, the awkward scenarios, the pace, the inappropriate feelings of characters for each other, etc, will get better in the later episodes.

You might not find the girls, their life, and approaches but the makers have shown it in a way that convinces you to watch it at least. This story is not usual. In fact, it is disturbing but every piece of art has some message to it.

In conclusion, it is great that more and more animes are available currently. And, people have something interesting to watch and enjoy. This is a different kind of art. If once you become a fan of anime, you will want to watch these series again. For netsuzou trap, you will mixed reviews. It has received a huge yet mixed response.

Some people dislike the presentation of unethical acts in an acceptable way. On the other hand, many people appreciate this sort of art. You will also find the fans of a decent guy who has been cheated. If you can tolerate the intense manipulation and cheating, you might want to give netsuzou trap a try.

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