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It is vitally important to take care of your mental health, as we would our physical health. See more in this article about depression from the Clarity Clinic. Here we share some apps that can help to improve your mental health:

1 – Happify

The makers of Happify claim that their app can reduce stress, increase your happiness, and teach your life-changing habits. When you open the app, you receive a series of questions that help the app determine the course best suited to your needs. Track options include coping with stress and conquering negative thoughts. Using your answers, the app will give you daily quizzes and activities centered on taking you towards the end-goal in your track.

Cost: Free (Get Premium Happify Plus starting from $11.67 a month via in-app purchase)

Purchase: Apple | Google Play

2 –

The main objective of is unlocking your music’s potential to influence your cognitive state. Developed in consultation with neuroscientists, the app allows you to choose your desired outcome, whether it is relaxation, meditation, nap, focus, or nighttime sleep. The algorithm powering the app will generate music to enhance your ability to achieve the desired goal in 15 minutes.

Cost: You get a free trial run of five sessions. Thereafter, you purchase a monthly subscription starting as low as $6.99.

Purchase: Apple | Google Play

3 – Headspace

Headspace provides a solution to the plethora of stumbling blocks preventing you from meditating regularly. Whether you need guidance, you do not know how to meditate or are short of time, the app will give you a solution. Among the app’s features is the mindful moment feature designed to keep you present as you go through your day. Another feature it has is the mini-meditation exercises designed to reset your mind. 

The free basic course offers beginner-level guidance on how to think and be more mindful about everything, whether it is eating, social interactions, or even sleeping.

Cost: Free for beginner-level. Subscription plans start at $12.99 with additional exercises. The lifetime subscription is $399.99.

Purchase: Apple | Google Play

4 – Pacifica

Pacifica is not only easy to use but also inherently soothing with a beautiful blue and purple interface. Ranked among the best apps in the mental health category in 2017, the app gives its users ample space to track their mood, habits, and health while offering mindful exercises and relaxation techniques that meet individual needs. The app curates audio exercise for you to use when you are stressed, when you suffer a panic attack or any other time you want something relaxing.

Cost: Free with limited features. Get Pacifica Full Access starts at $3.99, with a lifetime subscription priced at $199.99.

Purchase: Apple | Google Play

5 – Worry Watch

Worry watch is interactive and easy to use. Users simply follow these steps – steps record, reflect, reason, realize, and, thereafter, refute. In following these steps, the app helps you record and track your mental state over the course of time. The app asks you to state the cause of your worry/stress. Later on, the app asks you to return to the app and reflect on your worries, noting whether the outcome was positive or negative. Using your response, the app generates statistics and charts that help you analyze and understand your thought patterns. More often than not, you will realize you did not need to get stressed.

Cost: $2.99

Purchase: Apple

6 – Mood Path

Mood path has been designed to help you track the feeling of sadness, lethargy, or stress and analyze the severity and duration of your symptoms with the ultimate goal of determining whether you are suffering from depression. As a mental-health tool, the app tracks and assesses your mental health for 14 days and generates a status report that you can share with your therapist or physician.

Cost: Free (You can purchase Jahreskarte at $61.99)

Purchase: Apple | Google Play

7 – Talk Life

Dubbed as the place you can “talk to people who get you,” TalkLife is a chat room designed to be a judgment-free chat room for individuals facing depression, self-harm, anxiety, eating disorders, stress, suicidal thoughts, and bullying. The conversations are monitored carefully to ensure the safety of users. Moreover, users are encouraged to engage by asking questions, chronicling their struggles, and helping other users by offering anonymous or signed.

Cost: Free (There are in-app purchases that start at $0.99.)

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