Who Is Eve Chilton Weinstein?

Eve Chilton Weinstein is a popular woman, she is one admirable lady who got so much popularity after getting married to Harvey Weinstein. Eve Chilton Weinstein was born into a wealthy American family. She belongs to white ethnicity and her grandparents were owners of an American law firm that was generating millions of dollars at that time. Eve Chilton Weinstein got separated after 17 years of her successful marriage after her husband Harvey Weinstein got accused of sexual harassment.

Currently, she is 64 years old. If you want to know more about Eve Chilton Weinstein’s life, then you are in the right place.

In the article below I am going to talk about her personal and professional life. Let’s have a look.

Eve Chilton Weinstein Bio

Eve Chilton Weinstein was born on 1 Nov 1955. She is currently 64 years old. Eve was born in America and her Zodiac sign is Virgo. Eve got married to a famous American film producer and they spent a happily married life for 17 years. She has 3 amazing daughters named Lilly, Emma, and Ruth. though Eve Chilton.

Eve was born in a rich family, her father’s name is Tom Chilton and her mother’s name is Maude Chilton.

Eve Chilton Personal Life

Eve Chilton started working in Miramax as an assistant in 1986. It started another career when she first met her husband Harvey Weinstein. Both of them started dating each other and fell in love. Both of them got married in 1987. They have 3 daughters and both of them were living happily since Harvey got some serious sexual accusations. The dispute began between both of them just after the sexual harassment accusation and the couple got divorced in 2004. In some news, Eve Chilton again got married in 2004 to Sal Martirano. But unluckily they got separated after some time. Eve Chilton is currently living in Newyork with her daughters.

Who Is Harvey Weinstein?

Harvey Weinstein is a famous American producer. He started his career at Miramax and soon after a lot of hard work he founded his own The Weinstein Company. He also won an Academy Award in love. Harvey Weinstein belongs to a middle-class family. His family was a diamond cutter by profession. He got his education from University and John Bowne High School. Harvey Weinstein got married twice. The dark era of his career started when he was caught against some serious harassment acts and got expelled from the academy of motion and picture. According to reports almost 80 different girls and women had made allegations against him. His wife Eve left him after those allegations.

Eve Chilton Weinstein Body Measurements

Even at the age of 64 years, Eve got a sexy body. She is a huge fan following from different parts of the world. She has an average height of5 feet 6 inches while she weighs 132 pounds. Every fitness freak and she is taking good care of her body and weight. Her body measurements are 35, 27, and 34 inches. She has blonde hair with beautiful black eyes. In short Eve Chilton is a stunning lady.

Eve Chilton Social Media

Eve Chilton is a very secretive persona. When it comes to personal life she doesn’t share much information related to it on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Eve Chilton Weinstein Net worth

Eve Chilton Weinstein was a rich woman, even before she started her career. She was earning a good amount of money at Marimax as well. When she got divorced she got custody of a 23 million US dollars villa and Eve decided to sell it. In addition to that, she also received 60 million US dollars in a divorce statement. In short Eve Chilton is a rich lady with a lot of money. Her net worth is not exactly known.

Wrapping Up!!!

There is nothing wrong in saying that Eve Chilton Weinstein is a remarkable lady, she is doing a great job even at the age of 64 years. She is still a gorgeous and devoted woman. 

Here are all the interesting details related to Eve Chilton Weinstein’s life. Did you find this information useful? If you want to share some more interesting facts about her life, feel free to drop them below.

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