California is the place that is always the center for attracting people. People from around the globe visit to California for the search of their work and in order to change their life. This is the place where people come to seek fame and fortune both. With a rough estimation, it is shown that 25% of the billionaires have emerged in California. Most of these billionaires lives in Los Angeles. The city of California is also called as the Golden State Home.  

In this article, I will be mentioning about the top 4 Billionaires of Los Angeles. I will also narrate that how they have reached to this point of success because they have earned fame and money both at the same time which is quite encouraging and is truly a motivation and inspiration for many others.

Top 4 Billionaires of Los Angeles:

Here I am going to list down the top 4 billionaires of the Los Angeles:

1. Elon Musk.

2. David Geffen.

3. Patrick Soon –Shiong.

4. Eli Broad.

1. Elon Musk:

Elon Musk was a co-founder of Paypal.  At initial stages of his life, he built his fortune by working as a co-founder in PayPal. Now Elon Musk is involved in the projects that are related to space. The projects in which he is involved are ranging from space travel in order to disrupt the industry of transportation.

According to the Forbes, he has a worth of round about $22.3 billion. Elon Musk is the founder of two most famous and well-known companies names as Tesla and SpaceX. The company of Tesla brings you the topmost luxury electric cars in the market.  The SpaceX is trying to achieve its goal of revolutionizing the task of transportation in the space.

Elon Musk is also an owner and chairman of SolarCity. One of the most innovative and best ideas that were presented by Elon Musk was an idea of the Hyperloop. It is basically a very high speed of transportation in which a person can travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco only in 30 minutes. It was done with a system of tubes.

2. David Geffen:

David Geffen built an empire of the music industry in order to help in building the careers of newly emerging and rising talents of the music world although he was dropped out from his college.  He launched the careers of the topmost iconic bands of the whole world. He has worth of round about $8.1 billion according to the estimation of Forbes.

David Geffen built the careers of the mention below bands:

1. The Eagles.

2. Aerosmith.

3. Guns N Roses.

4. Nirvana.

3. Patrick Soon-Shiong:

He is one of the top unassuming doctors of Los Angeles and is now one of the richest men of the world. He is shortly known as Dr.Pat. he built his fame and fortune by redefining the treatment of cancer and is now working and finding the cure in order to eradicate the disease.

The newest company developed by Dr.Pat is named as NantKwest. The company develops drugs for cancer. Dr.Pat has the worth of round about $9 billion.

4. Eli Broad:

He is also one of the richest men of Los Angeles. He is one of the top generous philanthropists who support the reforms like educational, research work and arts. He has created two fortune companies in different industries. According to Forbes, he has a net worth of round about $6.7 billion.

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